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Vanilla Skies & Teenage Dreams

Reject|Respect False Icons, yo.

Jordana; Dana
I aspire to break away from statistics, stereotypes and inevitable status quo's.


I want YOU to know that:

*We should know that unconsciously, we choose how we see people:
When we like someone, we are tolerant.
When we don't, we focus on their faults.
It's not other people's true persona that determines how we feel about them...

It's our attitude--
The human tendency to prejudge.

*We shouldn't afraid of standing out, maybe even being weird at times. I mean, it's not about being different for the sake of it. Just, why follow everyone else?

*We shouldn't judge others based on their appearance or hearsay. As the over used clichè goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover."
And my personal favorite, "Innocent until proven guilty."

*We should know how to not just hear, but to LISTEN. Not just look, but SEE.

*We should try not to be opportunistic. Instead, do something without asking for anything in return.
*We shouldn't change anyone, especially ourselves for anyone's benefit but your own.

*We should always treasure all the good people in our lives since true friends are hard to find.

*We should follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

*Never hold onto a grudge. As the saying goes, holding on to anger is like holding on to a hot coal. Only you get burnt.

*We shouldn't let life walk all over us, but we should accept that we can't always get what we want. Everything must have a balance, especially ourselves. We live with that sense of balance in order to survive.

*And most of all,




but it's also alright to CRY :'(.... ;)


I'm not perfect, I'm too much prone to human error. But that's me, rough edges and all.

I cling too much to the past, fueling the flames of the petty, drama filled present. I want those flames to die out, by letting go of the past and just living in the now, not fretting over the future, but not exactly not being prepared for it either.

I promised myself to cherish every person, moment in my life and to just really live. Life's too short to live in regret. It's okay to regret, just don't let it take over the great things you've got.

I want to be happy, no more negativity. It's already a brand of the so called cool/popular lifestyle not anymore a way of self-expression, being emo or sad, enough with the conformity! Be who you want to be.

This ends my tirade, thanks. </font>

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